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The frostiest

cargo bikes !

The frostiest

cargo bikes !

Refrigerated cell

From €343 excl. taxes/month


200 kilos load and 1.3 m3 useful storage


Up to 60 kilometers of autonomy


Temperature maintenance down to -25° C


ATP FRA (positive) and FRC (negative) certified


Recording of regulatory data (temperature curve)

Module under the microscope


  • Overall vehicle dimensions (mm) L x W x H :
    3,500 x 1,100 x 1,980
  • Interior body dimensions (mm) L x W x H :
    1,325 x 902 x 1,080
  • Payload up to 200 kg
  • Payload volume up to 1.3 m³
  • Carries 12 600 x 400 x 300 mm cases
  • Carries one Europallet

*autonomy depends on loaded weight, indoor and outdoor temperature and pre-cooling quality

Standard equipments

  • Door contactor for :

– Count the number of door openings

– Switch off evaporator fans

– Prevent restart if door is open

  • Secure door opening
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Automatic LED interior lighting
  • Bumper


  • ATP certification (depending on configuration)
  • Interior horizontal aluminum divider
    Customizable covering


Positive cold LMB cell

  • Positive cold down to 0°C
  • Power 400W from 0°C +30°C
  • 6-year ATP approval, renewable for a further 6 years
  • Rear door or double side doors


Negative cold LMB cell

  • Positive cold down to -20°C
  • 400W power down to -20°C
  • 6-year ATP approval, renewable for 6 years
  • Rear door or double side doors


Isothermal LMB cell

  • K coefficient 0.31
  • Rear door or double side doors


Why is it so unique?

Access every corner of the city without disturbance
Fulfill your contracts efficiently
Win contracts requiring the transportation of goods in negative cold
Secure your customers by providing proof of cold chain compliance 
Enhance your company’s image by reflecting its commitments
Stand out with an atypical communication medium

The ideal tool

for these activities

Kleuster Freegones Frigorifique

To go further




  • Overall dimensions mm L / W / H: 3500 x 1100 x 1980
  • Up to 300 kg payload
  • Up to 2m3 useful volume
  • Up to 80 km, that is one full day’s autonomy
  • Top speed 18 km/h
  • Slopes up to 18%
  • Can hop onto sidewalks up to 15 cm tall
  • Electric brushless motor with automatic disengageable brake
  • 5.2 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery and dedicated BMS
  • 3,600 cycles battery life
  • One full day’s operation or 80 km
  • Full charge in 5 hours on a classic 16 A outlet
  • Energy regeneration on descent
  • Toothed belts transmission
  • Tubular frame and aluminum structure
  • Roll bar, high protection cabin
  • ABS roof protection
  • Optical quality windshield
  • High visibility reflective side strips
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Full LED lighting
  • Anti-backwards system
  • Hill start assist
  • Cruise control up to 18 km/h
  • Emergency stop button
  • Up to 14 sensors: saddles, crankset, battery etc.
  • R-Vision system,without blind spot
  • Back-up warning sound
  • Forward and backward walking assistance 3km/h
  • Hill start
  • Ultra comfort seal
  • Position and ergonomics adapted to all users
  • Permanent stability system
  • Hydraulic front suspension with 100 mm articulation
  • HMI (color display) configurable according to country, profession, equipment
  • Double USB for charging
  • Kleuster Connect’ for geolocalisation, activity monitoring and preventive maintenance
  • Secure startup
*Exemple de Location Longue Durée sur 60 mois, 60 loyers de 343 € HT, pour un Freegônes cellule frigorifique isotherme. Restitution du véhicule en fin de contrat avec paiement des frais de remise en état standard. Prix valable au 09/10/2023, Kleuster se réserve le droit de les modifier. Offre LLD non cumulable réservée aux professionnels, valable dans le réseau participant, sous réserve d’acceptation par Sofinco Finance, département de CA Consumer Finance, loueur, SA au capital de 554 482 422 euros – 1 rue Victor Basch – CS 70001 – 91068 Massy Cedex, RCS Evry 542 097 522. Intermédiaire d’assurance inscrit sous le N° ORIAS : 07 008 079 (www.orias.fr)


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