Kleuster, manufacturer of solutions for professionals

Kleuster was born in 2012 from the ambition to offer professionals a tool that would enable them to operate efficiently in today’s cities. The name was chosen in honor of the work carried out with a number of professional and expert working groups, which led to the creation in 2012 of Freegônes, an electrically-assisted cargo bike.

Unique in its design, Freegônes reflects the ambitions of the brand and its founder, Gérard Têtu: to give professionals, whatever their trade, a reliable, durable and cost-effective tool to meet the multiple challenges arising from urban logistics.

These commitments have since been put to the test by over 200 professionals who have chosen Kleuster and its Freegônes to perpetuate their know-how in urban environments.


A new kind of commercial vehicle approved by Renault Trucks

The use of low-carbon means of transport is also a priority for Renault Trucks, which is committed to the gradual electrification of its vehicle ranges to meet the needs of its customers operating in cities.

In November 2022, Kleuster and Renault Trucks entered into an active industrial and commercial partnership, driven by the same ambition to offer decarbonized urban mobility solutions to professionals.

Freegônes assembly and logistics are now housed in a 2,100 m2 building at the heart of Renault Trucks’ historic site in Vénissieux, which also helps to boost the regional economy.

Over 200 service outlets in France

Sharing a common customer base has also motivated this partnership on the commercial side, through the distribution of a cyclo-logistics solution in the Renault Trucks network. In France, some 30 French Renault Trucks distributors and over 200 service outlets provide sales and after-sales service for Kleuster Freegônes.

By relying on Renault Trucks distributors in France, and from next year in certain European countries, Kleuster benefits from a dense, local network, guaranteeing quality service in both sales and after-sales.


100% French

200 service locations

A solution for every business

5 different modules

at your service

Gérard Têtu

Founder and CEO of Kleuster

Passionate about today’s mobility

Pierre-Louis Dumas

Technical Director

Expert in industrial vehicles and refrigeration

Jean-Michel Lain

President of Jean Lain Mobilités

Top 20 French automotive
distribution group 

Franck Ledain

Sales Manager

Expert in alternative mobilities

Jeoffrey Leclercq

Financing Manager

Financing and taxation

Alice Thuot

Marketing Manager

Automotive distribution

The strength
of a group

Jean Lain Mobilités’ ambition is to meet the expectations of its customers and prospects by offering them alternative travel solutions. This ambition has long been realized through the creation of a range of services designed to facilitate mobility, but also through the acquisition in 2020 of Kleuster, a company built 8 years earlier by Gérard Têtu.

Jean Lain Mobilités distributes Kleuster and its electrically assisted cargo bikes through Jean Lain e-city, its subsidiary dedicated to alternative mobility. Kleuster has been added to a portfolio of brands specializing in small utility vehicles, unlicensed vehicles, scooters and motorcycles, all of which are 100% electric.