These construction craftsmen who prefer cargo bikes to trucks

Practical and ecological, the cargo bike avoids many inconveniences, especially in city centers, which are plagued by congestion. With traffic restrictions, parking problems and the emergence of low-emission zones, the cargo bike is all the more relevant for craftsmen who wish to keep the practicality of their utility vehicle, while freeing themselves from the constraints of downtown traffic. Today, more and more construction companies are abandoning their traditional vehicles in favor of the cargo bike, which is more ecological and easier to use in the city center. Some associations even accompany plumbers, electricians, doctors, beauticians, carpenters or even osteopaths who wish to change their method of transport. 

In Bordeaux, for example, about 150 professionals have taken the plunge, 150 craftsmen whose main aim is to participate in the ecological transition, to provide a more efficient local service and to relieve the city’s congestion. Most of them ride their cargo bikes an average of 15 to 20 kilometers per day. They can store all the material necessary for most of their interventions. Some even have their materials delivered directly by their supplier to the customer’s location. 

These craftsmen on bicycles can now park as close as possible to their customers and have access to any corner of the city, not always accessible by private or commercial vehicle. This also helps to limit costs, especially parking costs. No more parking, insurance and fuel costs. The only remaining cost is the annual maintenance. Traveling by cargo bike is also a good way to attract the attention of future customers. Indeed, it can be a great communication vehicle with many reactions and people who may find the idea interesting. This is also a way to avoid a communication budget with an innovative work tool, which is already a communication axis in itself.

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