In 2022, more and more LTZs

Improving the daily lives of millions of French people by offering them better air quality is the Government’s ambition. To achieve this, it is stepping up the creation of low-emission zones, known as LTZ-m. The entry into force of the Rouen Normandie LTZ on the 1th of July of this year brought their number to five in 2021. This figure is expected to grow steadily, with no less than six additional LTZs expected to be created in 2022, with an even greater acceleration by 2025. 

Under the Climate & Resilience Act, nearly 50 cities are required to set up such a zone by this deadline. The latter includes the introduction of LTZs for all cities with more than 150,000 inhabitants by 31 December 2024, resulting in 33 additional LTZs within three years.

One third of the current French car fleet excluded by 2025

At the heart of the 11 LTZs set up by the end of 2022, it will therefore only be possible to drive at the wheel of a vehicle meeting Euro 5 and 6 standards, and, by 2025, of those carrying a Crit’Air 1, 2 or green sticker. In the meantime, there are several milestones. On 1 January 2023, Diesel vehicles manufactured before 2001 and gasoline vehicles manufactured before 1997 will be excluded from these zones. At this date, 1,167,373 vehicles will be banned, including approximately 162,000 LCVs*. A year later, it will be the turn of the pre-2006 Diesels to become personae non grata. 

And beware of the consequences in case of fraud! Drivers, private individuals or companies, who do not respect the traffic restrictions, incur a €68 fine and €135 for heavy vehicles. A sticker affixed to a vehicle that does not correspond to the characteristics of the latter will result in a class 4 fine ranging from €135 to €750. These violations can also result in the vehicle being immobilized and impounded. 

*data from the site not taking into account the natural renewal of the park.

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