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Municipalities are embracing the cargo bike

Many cities are affected by congestion and parking problems. In addition, there are the dangers of pollution, due to the CO2 emissions of thermal vehicles, which still make up the majority of the vehicle fleet. The municipal services, which are responsible for certain tasks such as waste collection and maintenance of green spaces, are also confronted with these traffic and pollution problems. To meet these challenges, both economic and environmental, municipalities are now turning to more efficient vehicles, better suited to urban use and, above all, environmentally friendly. 

This is why many French cities are considering or have already adopted the cargo bike, a simple and efficient solution, an alternative to traditional vehicles. Cargo bike manufacturers offer several options to meet the needs of professionals, including models designed for waste collection and transportation of objects, ensuring the cleanliness of the city. The same is true for green space services, where professionals must carry many tools to ensure the maintenance of plants and flowers. Thanks to the electric assistance of the cargo bikes, the transport of these heavy and cumbersome tools and materials is now a mere formality.

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